Air Water LLC  is a young company that united the entrepreneurial experience and modern vision of its partners who have seen the need to reinvent themselves in the provision of basic services for each of the people, using renewable natural resources, in order to have a optimal economic and sustainable balance for the healthy future of our planet.

Our Mission

Air Water LLC wants to reach all homes, companies and remote places in the country, providing a sustainable and innovative alternative in the production of drinking water that meets all quality standards and the generation of photovoltaic energy that combined create an optimal result in the provision of these resources which are basic in people’s Minority, Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender-Owned Business (LGBTQ+) daily lives.

Our Vission

Air Water LLC will consolidate in the next 10 years as a company highly recognized nationally and internationally for its high level of competence and commitment to society, its employees and the environment. In the same way, it will encourage the creation of a greener and more optimal world, through innovative technology that offer a modern and sustainable alternative for all those who believe in a future that will shine environmentally.

Strategic Partner

GENAQ has been since 2008 investing in the research, development and industrialization of atmospheric water generators, to supply the purest drinking water to the most vulnerable populations without access to drinking water sources.

Potable Water

Potable and easily accessible water is important for public health, for this reason the improvement in the supply of water and in the management of water resources boosts the economic growth of the countries and contributes greatly to the reduction of poverty.

The generation of atmospheric water is an advanced and sustainable technological alternative that allows water to be condensed directly from the humidity of the air. This type of technology is a viable solution that encourages the creation of a greener and more optimal world for society.

Air Water LLC presents this technology through equipment that provides an excellent source of drinking water with an initial investment of up to 70% less than traditional gray infrastructures, this technology is aligned with the goals of the National Government in promoting green infrastructures so that urban and rural populations obtain environmentally friendly solutions.



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